Deborah Cameron is a loved wife, mother and grandmother.  Deborah has been painting, on and off, for over 45 years and her eye for composition is evident in all her pieces.  She has used most mediums but she seems to gravitate the most to alcohol inks and acrylic paints.

She has been taught through many years of experience to give her heart a voice. Therefore you will see the adventure of not having to follow the rules blaring in her paintings!  Deborah still is challenged by  the fear in her that says, 'It shouldn't be done' or 'It won't be acceptable' but Love gives her the ability to persevere.

I believe Deborah's artwork is sought after because it conveys a freedom we all seek.  It boasts of full expression without compromise, a childlike faith to be that daring, that specific and that transparent about what's on her heart to say. 

When you invest in Deborah's paintings, not only will you have a treasured piece of art, but you will also have invested in the Deborah part of your heart that will stop at nothing to express it!


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COME TO ME acrylic 2 of 24x36 $500 for R

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I purchase preowned, good quality frames for great prices and replace what is needed, acid-free, making your purchase display ready.  My paintings can also be purchased without the frame.  The price will be lowered from $5.00 - $20.00 per size of frame.


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Please contact me if you love a painting and are unable at this time to pay the asking price. I would be glad to work

with you about that.

Sincerely, Deb Cameron

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