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I believe my paintings are expressions of my heart.  My desire to paint leads me to 'see the picture', which in turn, leads me to explore what is being said, which in turn, leads me to ask what that then means, which in turn, leads me to ask where that then specifically applies to me.  Very personal!  An exercise of discovery!!!

Waiting, listening, asking....


My SPOTLIGHT page is my sharing with you my discoveries.  I hope it stirs in you a longing to hear your heart and what it is saying to you.

Please feel free to leave comments here.


There are many parts of me STILL facing the fiery furnace.  That is humbling.  That is a reminder.  I am not done being transformed.


After painting this, I feel encouraged, readied.

This is what I am seeing.

Do you see the center stage with curtains raised?

Do you see those wanna be's eager to get close and observe?

It's the dancer.

She loves the slow burn.

It's a pattern of gold weaved into her dress over time.

This dance is not for the faint of heart.

This dance does not require my strength, my might.

It requires Supernatural strength and might.

That's why the dance

              never glorifies the dancer.



Looks like a pod of sperm whales to me.
A 'wail' maybe?  Type of depression?

Will this big desire swallow me up, like Jonah was swallowed the whale?  A story of what we may experience when we can't or don't pursue what we are destined to do.  The fear in Jonah fought against his destiny and he ran/hid from going to Ninivah. 

So, where does this apply for me?  

Where am I hiding out of fear from what I am destined to do?  

I believe that it is my art business.  

Upon the death of my dad 5 years ago, my body seized up, especially my hands and legs.  I lost the flexibility and strength in them.  So my 'doing' and my 'walk' were comprimised.  
Since I started to paint over the last two years and excercised putting my paintings up for sale, this disease, of three years, has disipated!
I am no longer running away.  I was given the courage to pursue this business.  Thank you Lord!





"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise"


I see a plow that goes on the back of a tractor in this painting.  I see it breaking up the field.  It is a tool used to get the land ready for seed.    It's a machine that prepares the ground for growth.

In other words, this is a device, strategy, idea of implementation to prepare my heart to receive a word from God.  To hear what He has to say.  I seem to be in a comfortable place because the colors do not seem to be foreboding, even though it seems dark(unknown). There is passion(red) and light/faith(gold) and life(green). 

Here is the strategy needed for me. 

The tool I need to implement when I am feeling abandoned, lost and alone and God is not seemingly around, is to start thanking Him about the very specific word He has already given me.  Which is what I need to feel around for.  I don't just want to randomly start to rattle off a list of things I should be thankful for to appease my conscience.

When I find what it is that I need to thank Him for, and start to give thanks, it will actually change my perception of the sense of abandonment I am experiencing. 

Thanksgiving is the plow! 

Thanksgiving lets the 'word' grow, come to life and passionately!

He is my very great reward!

'In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you!'

Plow Through



I love the flow of this painting! So emotionally expressive! I sensed my heart encouraging me to do just that....go with the flow! Trust God with my colorful emotions.

Go With the Flow



I see the Sun emerging from clouds/ emerging to bring revelation (enlightenment) from God...I also see it as a tomb with light ...a rising from the dead.  Alive again, dead to something.

I sense this painting is about the death God took me through about making my intuition/insight a god. (out of fear for acceptance)....It is over now.  My pride needed to go.  I am healed, risen anew!  (This dying process took about four years)


I experienced a feeling of bounty when I painted this. Fullness.  When I began, I had no idea what I wanted to paint but I love what came up from my heart.  
It seems to me to be a view from below the water surrounded by a proliferous underwater community.  A swimmer is snorkling at the top.  Lots of light.
Different kinds of fish and sea creatures  feeding from the plant life.  It reminds me of the color and beauty you would experience on an under water dive with the famous Jacques Cousteau!  
I feel life when I look at this picture.  
I want to look at what this could mean, what my heart could be saying.
     My soul(sea) is teeming with life.  With different kinds of emotions (fish) at peace, content in their surroundings with the food they have been given. Very transparent.  
I believe I am viewing my soul prospering.  I will be seeing things clearly that I haven't seen clearly before  especially as it pertains to community.



This painting reminds me of a North American Native Headdress worn during a pow wow.  It is a celebratory event. It brings community together.  It is very colorful and festive.  Beautiful feathers are  everywhere!! 

 To me, this portrays to the the fullest extent, investing  in being intuitive and celebrating it!

When I use my intuition, I need to ask questions.  



An intuitive sense is about wonder and search and investigating and play.  It is childlike.  

So, Deb, play!  

Join the festive celebration.!  

Put on your headdress!  

Wear it in community 

and ask.........     W.     H.     Y.



As I painted this picture, I began to see what looked like a fury of horses racing from blood or fire and I thought immediately of a verse in the book of Revelation about the released horses and what the outcome of that would be.  I sensed fear.

Later, as I am framing this picture, I recalled a scene from a dream I had of me releasing horses from a barn that was beginning to burn.  I hesitated in the dream, as I was holding their reins, because I wondered if I they would ever come back home.  

And I realized then .....LET THEM GO!!   

If I hold on I will lose them.


A place is being established, down in my heart, for the nurturing of a family of  'young ones.'  They will be loved and fed so they can soon enjoy the flights where intuition reigns.  

I have always loved being intuitive, so this seems a bit questioning to me but I sense a change is in this new productivity....

maybe it is that I no longer have the need to over-identify with my intuition, therefore all those parts of me collectively are being loved and freed..... to fly.   

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